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South Florida Tri County Area

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Tropical Fairy Festival [Jun. 15th, 2007|12:53 am]
South Florida Tri County Area


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From the site:
The Tropical Fairy Sacred Sevens Selebration is a spiritually centered mainstream event designed to promote environmental awareness and inner healing through joy and celebration. The Fairies help people of all walks of life and ages to build a bridge between reality and fantasy, leading us towards a more balanced life experience through fun filled, lighthearted celebration.

From me:
Hi! You don't know me but I am exactly eight kinds of awesome (oh, my crazy ego). This is a really cool event in Miami led by Atena, who is about twelve kinds of awesome. Really, you need to be there. Kid friendly! There will be music, food, vendors, entertainment and, most importantly, FAIRIES!

Tropical Fairy Sacred Sevens Selebration
Saturday, 07- 07- 07 10am to 7pm

Indoor & Outdoor fun at the UU Sanctuary and Garden
7701 SW 76th Ave., Miami, FL 33143
Just off Sunset Dr. and the Palmetto Expressway in Miami, FL
For details call or e-mail Atena.